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Why another ultrasound website?

It was autumn 2006, I was at a (boring) conference dealing with many different subjects, none of them really fascinating to me. An American speaker had just finished talking about handling ischemic strokes and the session I was interested in was about cardiac arrhythmia. It would have been in the same room, in 30 minutes. I did not feel like leaving (the room was full of people and I was lucky enough to have a seat) so I stayed to listen (well, pretend to listen) to the next speaker. I expected it to be an incredibly boring talk since it dealt with breathing pathology, something I really was not into. I read the speaker’s name: Roberto Copetti, the head of the ER in Tolmezzo. He started the talk with a series of X-rays for me quite difficult to be understood and then he said something that changed my life: “in 20 minutes you can learn a technique to demonstrate that all these x-rays are not trustworthy… all by using ultrasound”.

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